2014 California Mille

May 8, 2014

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What better way could there possibly be to get intimately acquainted with our recently acquired 1958 Arnolt Bristol than to bring it on the 24th annual running of The California Mille. Wow… what a fantastic event. For fellow car freaks… the Cal Mille is a must do!

David Swig, son of recently passed Mille founder Martin Swig, and Dan Radowicz run a great event.  The group of 77 participant cars ran the gamut of pre-1957 royalty: C Type Jaguar, Porsche 550 Spider, Ferrari Cal and PF Spiders, Lancia Aurelias… and on and on.

Our route took us from San Fransisco east to Lake Tahoe; then west to Sacramento; then north though Napa… then back south to Sausalito… then north yet again with the last 70 miles or so winding our way back south on Highway 1. All over four blue sky days.

The roads were amazing and the company was really special. Oh, and did I mention that our Arnolt ran without fault over 1000 miles! We’re in love.

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