A deGarmo Ltd. Customer Goes Abroad

September 8, 2013

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When we sold the fabulous XK120 M Roadster pictured here to Bruce Aronson, we had no idea… Bruce mentioned that he was going on a “little tour” with the car. Master of the understatement, what he meant was that he was taking the Jag to Italy to run in the world famous “Italia Classica”: a 10 day, 1000 mile tour through southern Italy. This wonderful XK, a former national show winner, and maybe the best driving example ever in our inventory, did us proud by completing the tour without a hiccup. All of this while in the company of some of the rarest and most valuable sports cars ever assembled: Ferrari GTO, Lagonda Rapide, Alfa 8C, BMW 507, and an AC Cobra to mention but a few. Hats off to Bruce for using this wonderful car as it was intended!

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