The Monterey Soiree

August 27, 2013

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I don’t know how they do it, but every year that we go to Pebble Beach… and it’s 18 years and counting… it continues to be exciting, fun, mesmerizing, exhausting, astounding, and record setting.

The record of course was the NART Spider that RM sold for a whopping $27.5M. The cool part? The owner’s family donated the proceeds to charity.

Our favorite event is of course the vintage racing at Laguna Seca. Seeing these cars as sculpture sitting on the lawn at the Sunday Concours is one thing, but seeing the vintage competition cars flat out, wheel to wheel, caution to the wind, is just fantastic. The sounds, the sights and the smell of exhaust and racing fuel is heady stuff.

This year, for the first time, we attended the early Thursday morning start of the “Pebble Tour”… the slow motion rally that many of the Sunday Councours cars take part in. What’s great about this event is that, rather than seeing owners of these multi-million dollar machines donned in finery while a team of detailers clean the bejesus out of the cars for the concours judges, the owners are in jeans and driving gloves and ready for the road with the excitement of a kid with a new toy.

One of these days we’d like to show a car at Pebble Beach. We’re on the hunt now for something that might have a chance of being invited. Stay tuned!

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